Postulancy is the first stage of Capuchin formation. It is a period of “coming, seeing and experiencing” the basic way of life of a religious and of the Capuchin Order. The postulant spends one year in close contact with the friars so as to become familiar with their way of life and so as to discern and to discover the deepest reasons for his vocation. The postulancy period also gives the friars an opportunity to observe and get to know the candidate so as to discern his calling and suitability for the Order (PCO4, p. 36).  The Postulancy is a period of initial formation (Const. 28:1) and so the postulant will complete his catechesis of faith, be introduced to apostolic work and gain an experience of brotherhood (PCO4, p. 36). Hence, it is a time in which the postulant will come to experience and learn the basic rhythm of the Capuchin way of life in the areas of prayer, ministry, study and fraternity in the reality of the Australian Capuchin Province today. The postulant is not yet a brother in the Order and does not yet wear a habit.

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