Formation Conference for Capuchin students at Tibar

Saturday, 18 July 2015

For a whole week in June, the brothers in postulancy from Laleia joined together with the brothers in post-novitiate (and also one aspirant) to participate in a conference, which took place at the friary of St. Francis of Assisi in Tibar. This was a time when all the brothers in initial information came together to deepen their Capuchin Franciscan identity and their fraternal bonding.

The conference began with Vespers on Sunday. It was such a wonderful sight to see all the brothers spending time in prayer, lifting up their minds and hearts to God.

There were different themes of the talks/presentations for each day:
Monday’s theme was about St. Francis: his conversion, his love of God and people and also about the Capuchins and Capuchin identity.
Tuesday: Franciscan prayer: Is there Franciscan prayer?; St. Francis’ love for Our Lady.
Wednesday: St. Francis and the Bible: how did St. Francis relate to the Scriptures? Is there a Franciscan way of reading and praying the Scriptures?
Thursday: Franciscan work: Spirituality/theology of work in the Franciscan tradition.
Friday: Capuchin saints: Why do the Capuchins have so many saints? Are they still relevant today?

Each professed brother gave a talk each day. The brothers then had the opportunity for questions and discussion.
The brothers were assigned to prepare meals each day and also to work in garden in the afternoon.
In the evening there was time for fraternity. The brothers got together to chat or sing. It was a week of grace and fraternity.

Here are some photos from the week's conference:

On Thursday at Vespers, the brothers prayed before the Eucharist in Exposition

Eucharistic Adoration

The brothers share a meal together

Recreation around the bonfire with guitar, bongo, singing and flute

Brothers Manuel and Hermano are cleaning rice to prepare lunch

Brothers Mateus and Ricardo using sickles and Katana to cut grass to give to the cows

Front, L-R: Brs Herman, Ricardo, Tomé, Timoteo
Back, L-R: Brs Manuel, Tinoco, Nicolau, Luan, Jesuino, Mateus

Br. Nicolau feeding the hungry cows

The brothers playing soccer. They take the game seriously.