Special Talk marking 500 years of Evangelisation in Timor

Thursday, 11 September 2014

On Sunday afternoon, 31 August 2014, all of the friars went to Laleia to attend a talk with Professor Luis Costa on "500 years of Evangelisation in Timor: Official languages as the vehicle of transmitting faith, and a factor to national identity".

The Tibar fraternity is increased by the presence of 6 post-novitiate brothers who returned to East Timor from Medan (Indonesia) to renew their visa

This event was organised by Capuchin frei Filipe. There were a large number of people who came to the talk. Professor Luis talked briefly about the history of Timor, about how the Portuguese missionaries came to Timor and how the Timorese Catholic faith was strongly linked to the Portuguese language. There were also many challenges to making the Portuguese language more widely spoken and understood in Timor. After the talk there was time for Q&A and then light refreshments followed. In general it was a good gathering which helped the local people to better understand their history and culture.