The Constitutions of 1552

The First Capuchin Constitutions of the Counter-Reformation

 The Counter-Reformation trend existed already in 1536. By 1552 the reform approach and program of the " Counter-Reformation" had consolidated.

The Capuchin General Chapter in 1546 believed that the Constitutions of 1536 needed to be adjusted and completed. This work took place in the following General Chapter of 1552.

The Italian text was published in Venice the same year. The exemplar of this edition is kept in the Capuchin Historical Archive in Rome. The text was published again in the Liber Memorialiis Ordinis Capuccinorum, Rome, 1928. (cf Lexicon Capuccinum 1951, p.455) An anastatic version (i.e. photographically reproduced) in Constitutiones Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum saeculorum decursu promulgatae, vol.I: Constitutiones Antiquae (1529-1643), Editio anastatica, Rome, Capuchin General Curia, 1980, p.77-139.

I am unsure about the origins of this English translation. You can download it here (321kb).