The Constitutions of 1536 III

The Constitutions of 1536 - original Italian, Jenson typeface

Just for the fun of it, this is a rendition of the original Italian text of the Constitutions of 1536. While not a replica of the original typesetting, this version can be useful for those interested in basic diplomatica, or who would like to see a version of the original text for the purposes of exegesis. 

The Constitutions of 1536 were published in Naples in 1537. That edition has been reproduced in Constitutiones Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum saeculorum decursu promulgatae. Vol. I: Constitutiones Antiquae (1529-1643), editio anastatica, Romae, Curia Generalis OFM Cap, 1980, pp. 35-74. Original copies are extremely rare. In fact, I know of two only. The anastatic version was made from the copy kept in the Provincial Archives of the Capuchin Province of Rome.

You can download this version (256kb) here.