The Constitutions of 1536 II

The Constitutions of 1536

Translation and annotation by Paul Hanbridge

The Lexicon Capuccinum (1951) points out that the text of these Constitutiones composed in the second celebration of the first General Chapter in 1536 when Bernardino d'Asti was confirmed as Vicar General. The text was lost and already in the seventeenth century there was some doubt even about their existence. However a copy, published in Naples in 1537, was found in 1926 and published by Eduardo d'Alençon in the Liber Memorialis in 1928. (The extraordinary Liber Memorialis was published to commemorate the fourth centenary of Religionis zelus.) Another copy was found in Lugano in November 1983. Published in Naples by Giovanni Sultzbach it is an original edition.


This English translation was completed in 2008 and revised in 2009. As far as I know, the otherwise most recent edition of the text of the 1536 Constitutions was published by F.A.Catalano, C. Cargnoni and G. Santarelli, Le prime costituzione dei frati minori cappuccini. Roma, S. Eufemia, 1536, in lingua moderna con le note storiche ed edizione critica, Roma, L'Italia Francescana, 1982.The notes in the English translation here do not attempt to be comprehensive or complete. a thorough exegete will benefit from the 182 Italian edition, as well as Fidel Elizondo, "Las Constituciones Capuchinas de 1536" in Estudios Franciscanos 83(1982)143-252; cf also the bibliography included with this English translation.

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