The Constitutions of 1536 I

The Capuchin Constitutions of 1536 - text only

So that our Congregation, as the vineyard  of the Son of God, persevere in the spiritual observance  of the evangelical and seraphic Rule,  our General Chapter celebrated in the City of Rome at our place  in Saint Euphemia  in the year of the Lord 1536 believed it should set down some statutes as a hedge  for that Rule. Like the impregnable Tower of David it should have its fortifications  with which we may defend ourselves from all the enemies of the living spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, and from all the compromises against the most fervent and seraphic zeal of our Father Saint Francis.  (Introduction, Constitutions of 1536)

These Constitutions, published in Naples in 1537, had been lost until 1926. They were republished in Liber Memorialis Ordinis Minorum Capuccinorum, Rome, 1928. More recently, a photographically reproduced (or anastatic) version came to light in Constitutiones Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum saeculorum decursu promulgatae, Vol.I: Constitutiones Antiquae (1529-1643), Editio Anastatica, Rome, Capuchin General Curia, 1980, p. 35-74.

You can download a copy of the Constitutions of 1536 here (English translation only, 249 kb).