Blessed Andrea Giacinto Longhin

26 June


Born in Fiumicello di Campodarego (Padua) 22 November 1863, baptised Giacinto Bonaventura he became a Capuchin at Bassano del Grappa 27 August 1879, taking the name Andrea. After making solemn profession 4 October 1883 and completing theological studies in Venice, he was ordained priest 19 June 1886. From 1888 to 1902 he was dedicated to the formation of the young friars in the Province. He was elected Provincial Minister 1902.

longhinPius X appointed him bishop of Treviso and was outstanding in his dedication to the catechesis of the young and the pastoral care of his clergy. Both he and Pius X enjoyed a close friendship with Leopoldo Mandic. He was advocate of the poor, of workers and of the contadini. During the Great War (1915-1918) he exercised special care for everyone, especially refugees, soldiers, the wounded and the clergy and after the war encouraged the work of reconstruction, not only of churches, but of Christian life, intrepid in his defense of the faithful against anti-Christian ideologies.His apostolic efforts were recognized by the people, clergy and fellow bishops, and also by Pius XI.

Struck down by illness 3 October 1935, he suffering endured for nine months. He died 26 June 1936. From 5 November 1936 his remains were entombed in Treviso Cathedral. The initial processes concerning his reputation for holiness were held in Padua and Udine from 21 April 1964 until 26 June 1967. The decree to examine his writings was issued 17 December 1971. His cause was introduced 15 December 1981. The apostolic process was carried out in Treviso between 18 June 1982 and 26 June 1985, and on 21 December 1998 his heroic virtue was recognised. Pope John Paul II declare him blessed on 20 October 2002.

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