Blessed Nicola da Gèsturi

8 June


Giovanni Angelo Salvatore Medda was born in Gèsturi (Oristano, Sardinia) on 4 August 1882. In March 1911 he became a tertiary in the Capuchin Friary in Cagliari. He was clothed in the Capuchin habit 20 October 1913, taking the name Br. Nicola.

Nicola of GèsturiAfter eight months on 13 June 1914 he was sent to Sanluri to continue the novitiate. He took simple vows on the Feast of All Saints 1914, and final vows on 16 February 1919.He then had various assignments as cook in the friary at Sassari, then Oristano and in Sanluri. On 24 January 1924 he was sent to the main friary, Buoncammino, in Cagliari. He remained there for the rest of his life. He died at quarter past midnight on 8 June, 1958. His tomb in the cemetery of Buonaria in Cagliari was continuously the destination of pilgrimages. The diocesan process of inquiry into his holiness of life was opened on 6 October 1966 and concluded 20 December 1971. The process of his cause continued through 1978-1982. Meanwhile his remains were transferred to the friary church 2 June 1980. His heroic virtue was officially recognised on 25 June 1996. Three years later, Pope John Paul II declared him blessed on 3 October 1999.

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