Saint Crispino da Viterbo

19 May


Pietro Fioretti (Crispino) was born in Viterbo on 13 November 1668. Until the age of twenty-five he workedi n his uncle's cobbler shop. He was clothed in the Capuchin habit as a lay friar on 22 July 1693 in the friary of Palanzana in Viterbo. He made religious profession on 22 July 1694

crispinoFrom 1694 until April 1697 he was in the friary of Tolfa. He went to Rome for a few months in 1697. From 1697 to April 1703 he lived in Albano, and from 1703 to October 1709 he was in the friary of Monterotondo. Then he was gardener in the friary at Orvieto from 1709 to January 1710. Apart from a few brief changes, he was questor in Orvieto from 1710 until a short time before his death. Towards the end of 1715 he stayed briefly at Bassano. From mid-May to the end of October in 1744 he was in Rome and 13 May 1748 he was admitted to the infirmary in Rome, where he died at 2.30pm, 19 May 1750, the Holy Year.

Given his holy reputation the initial inquiry began in Orvieto and in Rome between 1755 and 1757. Pope Pius VII beatified him on 7 September 1806 and John Paul II declared him a saint on 20 June 1982 - the first saint canonised by this pope.

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