Saint Felice da Cantalice

18 May


felixFelice Porri was born in Cantalice (Rieti) around 1515. He was clothed in the Capuchin habit sometime between the end of 1543 and the beginning of 1544, in the friary of Anticoli di Campagna (called Fiuggi today). Then on 18 May 1545 he made his religious profession in the the friary of Monte S. Giovanni. From 1545 to 1547 he was assigned to the friarys of Anticoli, Monte S. Giovanni, Tivoli and Palanzana (Viterbo). From 1547 until his death he was questor in the friary of San Niccolò de Portiis in Rome. Up until 1572 he quests for bread. From then on he quests ofr wine and oil. Felcie fells ill on 30 April 1587 and died two weeks later on 18 May.


Immediately Pope Sixtus V ordered his process begun. This came to a conclusion between 10 June and 10 November 1587. A new canonical process took place in 1614-1616 and Urban VII declared him 'blessed' on 1 October 1615.  Felice's remains were transferred from the Church of San Niccolò to the new friary of the Immaculate Conception (via Veneto) on 27 April 1631. Clement XI listed him among the saints on 22 May 1712.

Download his story here.

Circular Letter of the Minister General on the 300th Anniversary of the Canonisation of Saint Felice da Cantalice download here.