Saint Leopoldo Mandic da Castelnuovo

12 May


LeopoldoBogdan (Adeodato) Giovanni was born on 12 May 1866 in Herzeg Novi (Castelnuovo) in Dalmatia. He was clothed in the Capuchin habit on 2 May 1884 at Bassano del Grappa in the diocese of Vicenza. On 18 June 1887 he felt called by God to promote the return of Orthodox Christians to Catholic unity. He took solemn vows in Padua on 28 October 1888 and was ordained priest on 20 September 1890. After staying in various friaries (Zara, Bassano del Grappa, Capodistria, Thiene) he was a confessor in Padua from 25 April 1909 until his death.

From 30 July 1917 to May 1918 we was a voluntary exile at Tora (Caserta), Nola (Naples) and Arienzo (Caserta).

From 16 October to 11 November 1923 he was transferred temporarily to Fiume d'Istria. In July 1934 he went to Lourdes and on 22 September 1940 he celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. At 6.30am, 30 July 1942, he died in Padua.His small cell-confessional was spared during the aerial bombardment on 14 May 1944.

Paul VI declared him blessed on 2 May 1976 and John Paul II proclaimed him "saint" on 16 October 1983.

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